the flu

There arn’t many cases of swine flu… yet allready over 100 pepole have it. I think we have a cure for it but I’m not sure.  There are many diffrent type of the flu. normal flu, bird flu, swine flue, thats all I can think of right now. speaking of the flu I had the flu about 2 weeks ago.  I was nonstop vomiting up my stomach acids! it was yellow and It hurts.  so when your temperature is 103 you have the flu or you’ve been in the sun to long

thank you

stlill alive

bears… pure evil…

Ok, so we have all been to the zoo right?  You’r walking and see… a bear.  You think  how cute… well guess what, your wrong. >:) . Bears are all fun when in a cage, but never fun outside… and in the sea. What you’r about to see will shock you. It’s bears.


It’s like a building game.  Build anything you want in your level.  If it’s good,  a lot of roblox players will come to play and have fun.  You can buy hats, faces, pants, t-shirts, shirts. and so much more! Destroy things, build this, make a friend… NO make 300! BWAHAHAHAHAH.  Every day you get ten tix. TIX are used to buy pants, shirts, t-shirts, you get the point. Be male or female you really don’t have a choice until you buy the ribbons for girls and a different hat for  boys. But it’s really a cool game. I play it  too.  I’m kinda rich, I guess, in roblox. I’m quite fun when you get to know me in roblox. So, all in all, I’m just trying to say it’s a really fun game.

thank you 🙂


this is too awesome to be real 🙂


the biggest tornados

wow thats big!whoa! mmmmm big and thin at the same time! thats bigger than a earth diggerlooks violent.  It could kill.

the most cute kittens ever

starting something different

I’m now quitting writing and just putting a title, like the biggest frog, smallest cats… you get the idea. I’m not writing, I’m just putting up photos. 10 or 5 photos on each post.

the biggest fishes

pumpkin fest

We went to a cool place today. It was a pumpkin fest.  I got two big pumpkins, some candy, and a tiny pumpkin.

There was a ride that went up and down up and down and so on. There was a barn with scary stuff in it, well

not that scary. That’s all!

thank you 🙂