red pandas

Red pandas; they are red or orange?  So I don’t know. Well all I can say they’re  not a bear but a raccoon; yes just like pandas.  Pandas like bamboo; we all know that right?  So I’m glad you read this.

thank you

my love for pandas

Pandas black and white right? Soo they’re becoming extinct and I’m so sad. They are wild and vicious. Some people take baby pandas and sell them. Pandas are not in the bear family; they’re in the raccoon family.

Thats all I know about pandas

thank you


DRAGONS… they are a myth… aren’t they? They breathe fire and some other stuff like ice, earth and well stuff I don’t know about. The have scales that protect them in battle. Some dragons can be red, blue, green, pinkish red and so on and so on blah blah blah. So I don’t know that much about dragons.

my favorite drag is the green one.

thank you

honey bees

Soooo… we all like bees right well… maybe not all of for the ones who have been stung. So let’s get down to bees wax ugh I mean business. I found out about bees today at a bee.. make it a honey bee farm shall we? so a Queen honey bee is big we all say and it is. Honey bee farmers put the Queen bee in a very small cage and the honey bees would feed her if they like her but if they don’t they sting her to death; luckily the cage protects her! Drones have no stinger, big eyes, big shoulders and thats what they look like. What they do is they fly 20 or 25 feet in the air looking for a new Queen. That’s all I know about bees.

thank you