You just can’t get your hands off that tasty stuff. Then again, you can if it just came out of the microwave.  There are many kinds of caramel things: caramel apples with nuts, popcorn with caramel, and caramel candy!

MMMMMmmmmm…. sooo… goooooood…. ohh ehe sorry.  Caramel is made out of milk and sugar.  want…  want!   WANNNNTTTT!!!!!!!

TANK… I…(hick) mean…thank y (hick) you

the sea

Big, blue, swimming. Uhhh… a threat to all man kind. Yes, it really is because sharks live in the sea. Have you seen Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Bit a man’s arm off and a woman’s, well a chunk of a woman’s leg off. Well, hey, I’m not here to talk about sharks but the sea. Have you ever wondered if there is a sunken ship at the bottom of the sea and there is just gold everywhere? That would be awesome,
richer than a king back in the old day… HEY I’m getting off track here again! Dang just dang!

Sorry about that folks.

thank you   🙂

A little story about a brave knight